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04 May 2008 @ 12:26 pm
No silence for The Silents.  
I thought I'd be clever, but that play on words didn't work at all. It doesn't even make sense.

What's with people who feel they need to name drop? Does it makes you/your life sound more interesting? Yeah, to an extent, but when you do it ALL the time in that "superior than thou" way, it just makes everyone roll their eyes and turn on their selective hearing. Retards. I pity them. They just make me laugh.

Anyway... (at this point, I waffle on for a bit):

So Maddie and I went to see ze boys, i.e. The Silents at Spectrum. When we arrived when doors opened, there was no one there but bar staff, so we went for a little walking excursion down Oxford St. People with horrifically bad dress sense kept walking by and inflicting it upon our eyes and Oporto beckoned so we stopped in for some food even though neither of us were particularly hungry. The power of Portuguese chicken.

We rolled back in at quarter to 10. There were a few more people there by this point. The second support band was on. They were this weird alt-country sounding thing; it made me rather sleepy and I was wishing we were back on that bench with a badly shaped back rest, people watching... The Silents finally came on. They were great, very tight, and played two new songs (not off the album) which were awesome. The crowd was a bit weird - it was almost a full house, yet everyone looked really bored and disinterested. Even the crazy dancing girls had stopped and were sitting down. I suppose there is something be said for the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Afterwards, we said an hello and hugged the boys and got moistened with third party sweat. It was rather sweet - they were selling their own merch. They had new t-shirts for sale. The black one was a men's shirt and Alex pulled out the small which was still really big on me and dress length, so I went with the other one which was a girls' shirt anyway. I liked the design on the front (a couple of guys riding a cart, whipping another guy who was pulling it) but it's this odd colour. Alex said it was meant to be red, but turned out pink. I thought, "yeah, I can deal with pink" but that was in the dim lighting of a bar... In natural light, it's this oddly salmon colour, like pink that really wants to be red. I'm going to feel self conscious in it, but I will wear it... feeling self conscious.

Jamie said they were doing a DJ set somewhere afterwards, but I had to go to get the last train home (thus is the frustration of living 2 hours out of the city). I would've stayed all night till the first trains tomorrow (4.30am), but I had to get home and feed MJ, our guinea pig. She's been sick and won't eat, so we have to handfeed her every four hours. Anyway, so yeah, we chatted a bit with the guys. I got them to sign the album for me. Lloyd was being super careful because he'd cut his finger before they went on stage (don't know how...) and there was blood all over the frets of his guitar. So gross. He was careful not to get blood on the album sleeve. :P

We ran into Craig and Brad as well. Maddie talked to Craig while I talked to Sam from The Silents. I don't think he actually knows who I am because I didn't talk to him much on that '06 (?) tour. I should probably introduce myself one day. Craig was all happy and chirpy, and went and bought a Silents t-shirt. I mean, how cute is it that he buys his own t-shirts? I would've thought they'd just give him one. I didn't even actually see Brad; we were on our way out and he waved at us and said hi. We chatted a bit about their tour plans for the year; they're having a meeting this coming week to discuss it - I begged him to object to touring in August/September until I'm back from OS to which he said: "Yep, no to Tibet and touring in August and September in one go". Then I formally met Bronnie. She's so adorable and pretty. ^_^ Then we left.

I want The Silents to move to Sydney so they can do more local gigs. I also want to be more succinct.

P.S. I realise the irony of that first paragraph preceding my "name dropping". :P
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JAtaxibabe on May 8th, 2008 02:09 am (UTC)
No, very erudite ;-P