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23 June 2008 @ 11:55 pm
I love you, Chris  
23:23:37: J: Why don't you hand deliver those CDs? :P
23:23:45: Chris: :D
23:25:28: J: I really should've gone to Europe instead of North America...
23:25:34: J: Then I could've come and stalked you.
23:25:38: Chris: YES
23:25:52: Chris: reciprical stalking
23:25:56: Chris: is the way forward
23:26:20: J: How does that work?
23:26:33: Chris: you come to Europe and stalk me
23:26:38: Chris: the i go to Aus and stalk you
23:26:47: J: How can I stalk you when you're stalking me?
23:26:48: Chris: then8
23:26:52: J: Oh, I see...
23:27:10: J: Not simultaneous stalking...
23:27:30: Chris: no, consequential stalking?
23:27:37: Chris: is that the word?
23:27:41: Chris: possibly not...
23:27:50: J: I don't know... I was trying to think of what the word was...
23:27:57: Chris: erm
23:28:10: J: Then changed my wording to say "NOT simultaneous stalking"... :P
23:28:21: Chris: haha
23:28:22: J: Round robin stalking?
23:28:37: Chris: could be
23:28:55: J: Round robins involve more than one team though, like a group of 4 a la Euro.
23:29:13: J: Well you could bring Jones into it...
23:29:27: Chris: a 3-way stalk
23:29:46: J: The triangular stalk if you will.
23:29:58: Chris: oh, i will
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