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28 April 2008 @ 11:47 am
I just read that Robin Finck is returning to the NIN live line-up for a US tour in August/September, which made me almost wet my pants because I'm in the country at the same time! Even if I can't make it any of those gigs, it's AWESOME that he's back again. (But wait, does that mean Aaron is gone...? :( ) I'm going to try to make it to one of those gigs. None of the tour dates coincide with my "free time" days, so it'll involve interstate travel. But if I can, I will.

Nick and I start ballroom lessons tomorrow night. ^_^

The list of CDs becomes longer and longer by the day. I have a whole lot of back catalogue ones to buy (when I'm not poor): At The Drive-In, The Thrills, Sparta... Plus I lost "First Impressions of Earth" about two years ago and have never found it again. (That, or I lent it to someone and forgot who it was.) It is rather horrible being out of the loop. It's a mighty job catching up the last five years of music........

The Mars Volta are touring Australia - too bad I'm not really into their music, or I'd go. I would like to sexually assault Cedric. Right now.

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25 March 2008 @ 09:56 am
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24 February 2008 @ 02:48 am
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NICK: God I'm thirsty.
NIKO: Jess, are you hungry? You're much too thin. I'll make you a Boca burger.
ALBERT: Can you make me one too? I'm hungry.
NIKO: Make your own.
ALBERT: Jess, I'm hungry. Can you make me a sandwich?
JESS: Um...
JULES: Hey Jess, voulez-vous coucher avec... Oh fuck. How does the rest of it go?
JESS: I thought you spoke French.
JULES: Nick, how does Lady Marmalade go?
NICK: *drinking a gallon of lemonade*
JULES: Hey Niko, how does Lady Marmalade go?
NIKO: What? Jess wants marmalade on her burger?
JULES: No, how does Lady Marmalade go?
NIKO: Julian, I am far too busy cooking to teach you French! Ask Albert!
ALBERT: I'm not answering until I get a sandwich.
JULES: Fine. Fab, how does Lady Marmalade go?
FAB: I just farted!!
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22 February 2008 @ 01:36 pm

  • Paulie looked beautiful. His vocals were gorgeous. He has shed a tonne. And he smiled shyly. A lot.
  • I was officially converted to Kesslerism. Hot damn, it's a little bit ridiculous.
  • Carlos D brought his sexy back. He shaved the mo, but has this weird "Bride of Frankenstein" white streak in his boofy hair. Not good. But when I lowered my eyes and looked at his itty bitty waist, then all most was forgiven.
  • The Fog kicked major arse in "Untitled" and a pinstripe dress shirt.

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    02 February 2008 @ 03:51 pm
    I'm thinking about doing post-grad study... I did a market research course as part of training for work a few days ago and to my surprise, it dug up this hidden desire to get another qualification.

    At the moment, I'm thinking a Master of Commerce (Marketing). In post-grad, one option is coursework, which is like normal uni - attending classes, doing midterms, assignments, etc. The other is research work which is writing a thesis under the supervision of someone in your faculty. The last time I had to write something like a thesis paper, it took me forever to decide what my topic would be, then I had moments during the 10-month project when I would get bored with the topic, then love it, then have trouble and think I chose the wrong one... So yeah, I think I would prefer the variety and structure of a "standard" course.

    They say it takes 3 years part time for this - I can probably only manage one subject a semester while working full-time, so I think that works out to be 3 years - so it'll be a long way off before I finish. Like I said, it was only a few days ago that I started thinking about this, so I may find myself changing my mind! If I do it though, I don't plan to start for a while, maybe next year.

    Oh, and the update on finding an apartment is there is no update. Nothing.
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    05 October 2007 @ 10:34 am
    I just established the link.

    Brian Molko & Helena Berg
    Patrick Matthews & Julia Wilson
    Nick Valensi & Amanda DeCadenet
    Paul Banks & Abby Drucker

    I'm sure there are others.

    Aren't you glad this was much less intense than my other posts?
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    29 September 2007 @ 08:15 pm
    ... today caps off a particularly shite week.

    I was in such a rush the night before getting on the train that I put my weekly train ticket in my pocket instead of my wallet where I ALWAYS put it. What happens Wednesday morning? I wear a different pair of pants - that doesn't have a valid train ticket in it, so I have to buy another $8 on top of the $45/week I've already paid.

    I was checking my account balance at the ATM. I took the receipt and walked off, stupidly leaving my debit card in the ATM with my PIN already entered. Therefore, the next person after me was free to select the "withdrawal" option and consequently walk away with $800 of my savings. And they did. I suspect I won't be able to get it back because it was my own negligence that caused it. It's a bank. It'll do anything not to have to give me money.

    I've been sitting here for something like three hours working on this one Word document on the computer. I've always made a habit of pressing save every time I pause. I go to close the document and some warning pops up saying "Word has lost data due to the disk being removed" or something like that. The flash was still plugged in. I hadn't touched it. Word then freezes and I lose everything I've been working on. The original file on my flash isn't even there, and it is nowhere to be found in back up files on the hard drive. To make matters worse, my sister's dog, who were babysitting, has developed a penchant for chewing on my arm and it hurts.

    You know, there's still Sunday left. What else could possibly happen? Perhaps I have just jinxed myself.

    I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of bursting into tears.
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    25 September 2007 @ 07:12 pm
    EXCITEMENT - I just splurged $2,000 on myself for a new laptop (which I have been wanting since I was 15).

    EXHAUSTION - I work 9 hours a day, starting at 7am with no sit-down break. Commuting at 5:07am = not cool.

    CONTEMPLATION - I racked up $30,000 or thereabouts (I think) in HECS debt going to uni and doing a degree. Thus far it has gotten me nowhere. I have applied for 25 marketing graduate jobs and so far, one bite.

    REFLECTION - I've let too many friendships go. I need to get back in touch with everyone properly.

    PAIN - My tummy hurts from recurring gastric reflux. But I like food! No fair!

    WONDER - NIN is amazing. Very grateful that Serap introduced me to them. So very grateful.

    DISCOMFORT - I need a shower.
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    19 September 2007 @ 11:37 pm
    Nabbed from Kaz

    Here is how it works.
    Copy this list.
    Leave in the bands you've seen perform live.
    Delete the ones you haven't and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25.
    An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list.
    Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list, and so on...

    1. The Libertines**
    2. The Strokes*
    3. Jet
    4. P J Harvey
    5. Kasabian*
    6. Kaiser Chiefs*
    7. Cut Copy
    8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    9. You Am I
    10. Youth Group
    11. Red Riders
    12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    13. The Vines*
    14. Gerling*
    15. Nine Inch Nails
    16. The Silents
    17. Franz Ferdinand**
    18. Bright Eyes
    19. The Hives
    20. Interpol*
    21. Kings of Leon*
    22. The Cure
    23. Supergrass**
    24. Panic! At The Disco
    25. The Who
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    17 September 2007 @ 09:00 pm

    And then some...Collapse )
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